Fidelis Cybersecurity®, a leading automation detection and response provider, today announced that it has been recognized as a Network Security category leader on CRN®’s 2018 Security 100 list for the second consecutive year. The companies on CRN’s Security 100 list have demonstrated creativity and innovation in product development as well as a strong commitment to delivering those offerings through a vibrant channel of solution providers.

In addition to recognizing security technology vendors for outstanding products and services, the Security 100 list serves as a valuable guide for solution providers trying to navigate the IT security market. The list aids prospective channel partners in identifying the vendors like Fidelis that can best help them improve or expand their security offerings.

"We are incredibly honored to be selected for this year's 2018 Security 100 List as an innovator in the network security space," said Tim Roddy, VP of cybersecurity product strategy for Fidelis. "Organizations want to stay ahead of complex modern attacks and Fidelis’ unique approach provides our clients with deep network visibility – at the session, packet and content levels – to ensure strong breach detection, while also empowering security operations teams to automatically investigate, validate, enrich and respond to detections across all networks and endpoints.”

Fidelis Elevate is an automated detection and response platform that delivers comprehensive network visibility, breach detection, intelligent deception, automatic alert validation and endpoint detection and response. Fidelis helps organizations dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations, minimizes attacker dwell time and ensures the strongest pre- and post-breach defense. 

“The core elements of today’s businesses, both large and small, depend upon robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “Unprecedented streams of data, the sweeping transition to cloud computing, vast networks of wireless systems, the rapidly growing Internet of Things—all these advances necessitate increasingly complex and adaptive security measures. CRN’s 2018 Security 100 list recognizes top vendors that are meeting this extraordinary demand with the most innovative security technologies on the market, enabling businesses to grow uninterrupted.”